Xiaomi Launched Four Legged Customizable Cyber Dog

Xiaomi Launched Four Legged Customizable Cyber Dog

Xiaomi global has launched its first ever customizable four legged electronic pet, the Cyber Dog. Xiaomi a great Chinese tech giant has unveiled a quadrupedal robot named Cyber Dog. This advanced Cyber Dog from Xiaomi will remind everyone of a machine built by US firm Boston Dynamics.

In a recent press release, Xiaomi mentioned that the company stressed the open-source nature of the machine’s design and that it would release only 1,000 units initially for “Xiaomi Fans, engineers, and robotic enthusiasts.” The company says it hopes these first users will “propel the development and potential of quadruped robots” and is pricing the robot to sell. The first 1,000 units will cost just 1,18422.95 INR, or roughly $1,540 (though it’s not clear if this price will be the same or not for any future releases).

The same press release highlights CyberDog’s “pet-like nature,” including its ability to respond to voice commands and follow its owner like a real dog.

Xiaomi Cyber Dog Specification

This Xiaomi Cyber Dog has built in NVIDIA processor which uses the Jetson Xavier platform. This robot has the potential to move at a speed of 11.52 km/hr. This Cyber Dog has in-built 11 high precision sensors which will help to analyze nearby environment. Artificial intelligence cameras and computer vision support makes this Cyber Dog a real life transformer. It has the potential to track objects and builds accurate maps of any movement. For better sound perception, 6 advanced high quality micro phones are given hence Cyber Dog supports voice control. This customizable robot can also be controlled via your Android & Apple smartphone.

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