UIDAI Software Helps Reunite 12 Year Girl With Parents

UIDAI Software

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority Of India) has helped 12 year old Manu to get reunite with her parents. This miracle had been possible only because of UIDAI Software via Aadhar fingerprint verification.

12 year old Manu was wandering in Kanpur Railway Station and the very moment she was rescued by Child Helpline on February 01, 2020. When the volunteers confirmed that she is alone they had shifted her to a government shelter home. Manu spend nearly two years in shelter home.

On 23rd January, 2022, 12 year old Manu was taken for Aadhar Enrollment and over there she had provided her fingerprint. The UIDAI software rejected her fingerprint as a similar one existed in Ludhiana’s Ram Nagar with the name Reshmi.

Immediately Kanpur officials contacted Ludhiana’s Aadhar Centre & officials from Ludhiana confirmed Reshmi’s address. Kanpur Centre’s official immediately ordered Ludhiana Centre’s official to track down Reshma’s parents from the address that is being showing in the UIDAI Software. Manu(Reshmi) got reunited with her parents on monday.