Mi 18W Power Bank 30000mAh – Boost Pro

Mi 18W Power Bank 30000mAh

Xiaomi Mi 18W Power Bank 30000mAh Boost Pro model is all set to go on sale from May 21. This product is now available for purchase & has come out of crowdfunding, now on sale in India since May 21.

Previously Xiaomi India has said that this Mi 18W Power Bank 30000mAh is going to launch in India at an available price of Rs 3,499 but soon later the company has made it available at an available price of Rs 2,299 in India.

Mi 18W Power Bank 30000mAh Boost Pro Features

The battery capacity for holding charge in Mi Power Bank is 30000mAh. This device supports 18W fast charging. This massive backup of 30000mAh is engineered to meet multiple needs whether its security, road trip or long power outage. We from “View My Gadget” will assure you that you will be able to charge three of your gadgets simultaneously at one go. These three device charging of yours will have 18W fast charging support.

Power Delivery 3.0 supports type-c to type-c charging output/input & also supports type-c to fast charge multiple gadgets simultaneously at one go. Users will also be able to charge the power bank with the help of a micro-USB cable. For the first time this device supports 24W Fast Recharging PD3.0 properties. This Power Bank will be able to recharge itself with a type-c to type-c with a peak power of 24W.

Mi Power Bank 18W supports 16-Layered advanced Chip protection system in which your mobile devices are effectively protected from all sorts of over current and short circuits with the robust 16-Layer protective design. The Smart Power Management System also helps other low power electronic devices to get safely charge from these Power Bank.

Mi Power Bank 30000mAh Specifications

  • Product Number : Mi Power Bank Boost Pro 30000mAh (18W)
  • Colour : Black
  • Battery Capacity : 30000mAh
  • Output : 18W
  • Input : 24max
  • Output Port : 2 USB-A & Type-C
  • Input Port : Type C and Micro-USB
  • Charging Time : 18W10hrs, 24W PD7.5hrs
  • Battery Type : Li-Polymer
  • Lithium Battery Energy Content : 111Wh
  • Dimensions : 154.5 * 72.3 * 38.9mm
  • Weight : 640gm

Price of Xiaomi Mi 18W Power Bank 30000mAh

  • Price @ Rs 2,299 in Mi Store.
  • Price @ Rs 2,299 in Flipkart.
  • Price @ Rs 2,299 in Amazon India.