Google Fired Engineer Who Claimed AI Has Feelings

Google Fired Engineer Who Claimed AI Has Feelings

Google fired his own engineer who claimed that artificial intelligence has feelings. Previous month engineer named Blake Lemoine from Google went in public and claimed with his theory that Google’s language technology is sentient and should therefore have its “wants” respected.

Several AI experts including Google denied such claims and on Friday 22nd July Google has confirmed that engineer named Blake Lemoine had been sacked.

In a statement, Google said Mr Lemoine’s claims about The Language Model for Dialogue Applications (Lamda) were “wholly unfounded” and that the company worked with him for “many months” to clarify this.

“So, it’s regrettable that despite lengthy engagement on this topic, Blake still chose to persistently violate clear employment and data security policies that include the need to safeguard product information,” the statement said.

His firing was first reported by Big Technology in its newsletter.