Google Calendar – Big Update

Google Calendar

Big update on Google Calendar, now users will be able to track down their team mates and other colleagues on Google Calendar. In Google Workspace the calendar app now show you wide range of information regarding what you & your colleagues are up to.

What Google Calendar Was Before ?

Before Google Calendar was limited to just showing when someone was out of office.

Google Calendar After Update

Now users will be able to show a number of different statuses, i.e. “in a meeting” or “in focus time”.

New Status On Google Calendar

The new status option will help you make it easier for your colleagues to identify the most appropriate time to message you. Admins will also be able to configure specific options for displaying the new status, with the ability to toggle on and off – or completely disable it. ” the company wrote in its Google Workspace update blog post announcing the change”. This new features in Google Calendar will stay ON by default across Android, iOS and web users. Available to all Google Workspace users, as well as G Suite Basic and Business users.

We from View My Gadget would like to tell you that this new feature from Google Calendar will not be available to any  Google Workspace Individual users or those with personal Google accounts.