Farmers World NFT Game – Is The Update Worth It ?

Farmers World NFT Game

As we all know that Farmers World NFT Game has become the most popular games in the P2E category i.e. Play to Earn game. This NFT based game was launched in the year 2021 on July 1. Farmers World seems to be gaining more & more popularity since then. As of today Farmers World NFT Game stands in 5th position in rankings on Dappradar. Recently on 31st March, 2022 devs of Farmers World launched a 3D version of Farmers World with same functionality but much more advanced in practicality of the game. Lot’s of users were waiting for an update to come since November 2021. That update from November 2021 was released on March 31st, 2022. Before the update the market of FWW token pumped high and gain its position as of before by a few margin. But just before the release of the update the market dumped & just got stabled. That particular dump of FWW is of because many users in panic sold their collected FWW amount as they were not sure what will happen after the update, weather the market will rise or fall? But the market of FWW now is in a stable position & possibly it will slowly slowly go up after each and every 3 to 4 days interval.

As you all know that we from View My Gadget informed in our first blog that the market will pump & so on the market on 28th, 29th & 30th was on the moon for several hours and is in stable condition right now.

Farmers World Future Update

In the 3D version of Farmers World , this Happy Farmers World statue is in development mode and in progress for the next update. This could possibly be used to craft “Farmers Coin” in the next update & burn “Farmers Coin” to maintain game economy or could become the new “Wood Burning” mechanism.

Why Farmers World NFT Game 3D Model Was Necessary

Farmers World NFT Game 3D Model was much more necessary for great user experience & features like wild animals attack & war is not possible in 2D version of the game.